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When two people come together it is natural for there to be friction and difficulties. Whether this be a romantic or platonic relationship, parent/child or other, these difficulties can build leading to feelings such as frustration, anger, loss of self worth and lack of confidence.

Relationships often have their peaks and troughs, sometimes building slowly or sometimes hurtling out of nowhere.  Difficulties including arguments, lifestyle changes, infertility, addiction, lack of communication or infidelity are some examples.  Wherever your difficulties are, counselling can help you to re-connect, communicate and understand each other, building a more positive and honest relationship and you move forward.

During your session(s) we can either address a specific concern, or consider the dyanamic of the relationship as a whole.  Both of you will have time and space to talk freely, exploring your concerns and considering what might come next.  There is often an element of psycho-education within couples' appointments to enable a better understanding of your relationship dynamic.

Couple's Shadow
Image by Etienne Boulanger

Couples & Relationships: practical matters

I work with both romantic and familial relationships, including parent/child where the child is of secondary age.

Sometimes a more specialist practitioner may be required for example for specific pyscho-sexual work, in which case I will be honest and can suggest alternatives should you request.

Should you decide that your romantic relationship or marriage is coming to an end, we can work together to encourage effective communication to aid a positive environment in which to move forward.

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