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There are many reasons for seeking counselling, perhaps you feel stuck, are experiencing anxiety, be struggling to process emotion or simply not feel yourself. 

Sometimes you may know the reasons why, and sometimes not. Talking about where you are and exploring the reasons for this can be empowering, leading to acceptance and change. 

I understand that your experiences are unique to you; however similar a story, no two experiences will ever be identical.  The way in which we approach your counselling is also individual to you.  During your sessions we will work in way that is right for you, whether that be staying with the present, considering the past or focusing on future goals. You are at the centre of our work together, and I will guide you gently when appropriate and be alongside you throughout.


I work comfortably with a wide range of concerns including addiction, anxiety, trauma, low self esteem, anger, self harm, loss of life direction and bereavement. 

You may be looking for suggestions that might help, for example practical ideas for coping with anxiety or addiction.  We can talk through these together and to ensure that your appointments remain useful and relevant to your needs.

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Individuals: practical matters

Working with the right counsellor for you is important and for this reason I offer a free telephone call where you are welcome to ask questions about how I work, and we can consider the next best steps for you.

During this phone call, if you feel comfortable to do so, we can complete a short questionnaire to help inform this decision.  

I am professionally trained qualified and insured, with Registered Membership of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.  

I offer a variety of daytime and evening appointments from Monday to Thursday. These can be either face to face appointments or remotely, via telephone or video call.


If you find an inside space difficult, we can also meet outside for 'walk and talk' (from appointment two onwards).  I use a local space that offers wonderful connections to nature which can be immensely therapeutic and calming.

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